This is just a weekend wrap up — I’m working on a special project.  It’s very exciting and I’m not quite ready to share it in case I jinx myself, but it involves dyeing and fabric and fiber and collage art all rolled into one, and I’m looking forward to letting you all in on the secret very, very soon!  For now, I’ll show you pictures of what went on here this weekend.

Most of the merino I dyed in this wonderful colorway that Ellie named "Dandelion Dreams" because, she said, these are all the colors that beautiful golden dandelions dream of being as they dance in the late fall garden.


This is some roving I dyed, using similar colors.  It’s meant to become some book covers that I need to get started working on for the holidays!  The roses are La Reine Victoria and they smell fabulous.  They’re a treat this late in the year.


I have to tell y’all about a wonderful discovery I’ve made of a product called Moonshadow Inks.  You mix a powder with water and it creates wonderful backgrounds with a metallic luster.  This sample was painted on butcher paper — I’m not sure if that’s what it’s really called, but it’s what the butcher wraps my meat in and I asked for a bit extra to play with.  Shoshanah at Hannahgrey is an exceptionally nice person — the customer service is just wonderful.


Finally, I have a problem that I’m hoping someone will have a suggestion for.  I have just two 3.5 oz. skeins of this lovely handpainted yarn from Beemer Knits.  I’ve been swatching it to try and decide the best stitch to use to turn it into a scarf for Ellie.  I tried seed stitch, stockinette, and garter stitch.  I’m undecided about the best way to knit it up (and I should mention that the reverse stockinette actually looks pretty lovely).  So, suggestions, patterns, and ideas are all welcome.  Miss El has a fabo pink jacket from Mini Boden and this yarn is clearly the perfect scarf yarn for the jacket, so I need to do something wonderful for her this week.


I hope everyone has a wonderful week! Knit, felt, sew, and make art!

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  1. How about a linen stitch or a slip stitch pattern. I also like old shale or feather and fan pattern for handpaints.

  2. your dyed wool always looks so fabulous. great idea to dry the roven on a rose bush, wish i could smell it! and those moon shadow inks look too yummy! probably like my twinkling h2os, just without the twinkle. and good luck with your project. look forward to reading more about it!!

  3. oooh I love the colors of that yarn!! I’m afraid to say Ellie is mistaken. That yarn is pansies. I’m 100% sure it’s pansies and not dandelion. 😉

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