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We had an incredible dinner tonight.  One of my best friends, who is fortuitously married to one of dh’s best friends, made an incredible polenta with sausage dish, and white beans with sauteed spinach and yellow globe beets.  I’m stuffed, but fortunately, unlike dh who is now happily snoring in bed, I skipped the lemincello with dessert and decided to share a bit of what I have been working on this week.

This piece, which I hope has a vaguely Halloween feel to it, is for a magazine submission.


I’m not quite certain that it is done.  I had considered doing a transfer of a group of people onto the backround for a slightly ghosty feel.  However, the 16 year old just walked past and said he….liked it!  he liked it?  Mansakes alive.  I have arrived as an artist.  The fact that he didn’t look at it and make slightly disgusted snorting noises would have been enough for me, but to actually express liking for something the maternal unit has done, well, it’s unheard of.

I also dyed some yarn this week that I am particularly happy with.  It’s a silk/merino blend, and although it is meant for my store, I’m going to keep enough out to do a Clapotis with.  The yarn is quite similar to the Debbie Bliss I’m using and I’m finding it to be enormously pleasurable to knit with it.


For those of you following this link for the informal ATC swap, it is still ongoing!  There are links on the leftside column to participating artists, and if you would like to join in, all you need to do is post your cards and email the link to me at joyce at elliebelly dot com. 

3 thoughts on “Art & Yarn

  1. Joyce,
    When I read this, I thought it said “mansnakes alive” instead of “mansakes alive”. LOL.
    I like that you posted all of the work you finished last year. Maybe there is hope for me yet.

  2. joyce,
    this piece is awesome. I can’t really see what it is? is it a canvas? It is lovely. I have also recently taken up knitting(only starting with a scarf) to while away time in the car while I wait for my rugby playing teen so all this yarn and stuff is really making my mouth water…

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