The Only Girl Who Hasn’t

The only girl who hasn’t knit a Clapotis just started one!  Really.  I literally feel like I am the only person in America who hasn’t knit this charming little pattern from Knitty.Com.  I contemplated several different yarns, including some Seasilk and the Lorna’s Laces it was written for, and finally decided on this lovely Debbie Bliss Silk Alapaca, which feels divine slipping through my fingers. 


I am not all that big on New Year’s resolutions.  Instead, I’m going to write out a list of everything that I knit last year.  Little things and big things.  I’m going to remind myself that I am a woman capable of accomplishments — important ones, pretty ones, even trivial ones.  I have "sticktoitivness," dedication, perseverance.  Not to make too much out of it, but knitting in many ways is a metaphor for the person I feel like I’m constantly trying to grow into.

                                            My 2006 List of Knitting Accomplishments

Oh Jan Dress              Felted Slippers                    Anthropologie Shrug for Sil

Anthro Shrug for me              Quattro Pro Socks                 Self-Striping Socks

Socks for Ellie          Socks for Ollie                   Cotton Laguna Sweater

Bamboo Baby Sweater                Baby Blanket                      Woo’s Hat

Wide Rib Scarf                                  

5 thoughts on “The Only Girl Who Hasn’t

  1. I haven’t knitted a Clapotis and am unlikely too as it has taken almost 9 months for my last pair of socks (had a baby in the middle but still…) I would really like the kid items to be finished while they still fit, already had one outgrown before it was seamed.
    I did see a tip somewhere to purl the stitches that you are going to drop so that you don’t have to use stitch markers.

  2. Oh hey I haven’t done the clap yet either but not sure can yet on my own!!! need to “learn” more!! but have done some fun projects this year considering only started in the end of May really!! so am happy and have a lot that I want to do this year and am already done with 2 dishcloths and one almost done Lucy bag and another pouch!! so wish me luck and can’t wait to see what you do!! this will be a fun year I just know it!!
    Hugs Linda

  3. Hee-hee, I love how great minds think alike. I have two balls of that yarn in my stash and another 8 on layby at my LYS. It won’t be a clapotis though, it’s a cardigan for me.
    Have you seen the pattern notes for clapotis? They really made the pattern make sense to me.

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