Butterfly Gal

This week’s theme at Wednesday Stamper is butterflies.  I love this theme.  I have been so obsessed in my art with the idea of growing wings and flying beyond what is mundane and constraining in our lives.  This theme was a natural for me.


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20 thoughts on “Butterfly Gal

  1. Joyce, you have a way with wings!…and your world is certainly far from mundane. Butterfly girl is lovely.

  2. Love it, but I have a song which keeps going through my head:
    Butterfly gal, won’t you come out tonight, come out tonight, come out tonight? Butterfly gal, won’t you come out tonight and dance by the light of the moon!

  3. Joyce — This is really beautiful! And it does make me think of the song “Buffalo Gal” . . . there is something about her face and body, and the background colors, that make me think of her dancing by the light of the moon.
    Mary G. (from Art&Soul Hampton 2007 . . . see you there!)

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