The Peace Fleece Vest

I love Peace Fleece yarn.  It’s one of the first yarns I knitted with and I loved its deep colors and the reasonable price that made it a good yarn to experiment with when I was first getting back to knitting several years ago.  I also like the idea behind the company, the idea of bringing people together through agriculture and commerce.

My stash includes several different colors of Peace Fleece, as well as a good bit that I have handpainted.  I gave Ollie the choice of any yarn in my stash for the vest he wanted and, child of my heart that he is, he selected some Peace Fleece in the Sheplova Mushroom colorway.

I finished the vest tonight and he is very happy with it.  It’s amazing that such a simple thing could make a person so happy.  Isn’t he cute?


The pattern is simple and it’s a quick knit.  Somehow I managed to get my camera on a goofy setting (if anyone wants to tell me what I did here, I would appreciate it), but you get the idea.



8 thoughts on “The Peace Fleece Vest

  1. oh my goodness–ollie looks so…four! with a big boy haircut and everything. he looks incredibly happy with the vest you made him. hope y’all are doing well!

  2. He looks so darling in his vest! I read the link to the Waldorf school. I love intersting approaches for teaching young children. Both my boys went to Montessori as children.

  3. I love that vest,it’s just what i would like for my boys for Christmas but before i order that pattern do you know what size it goes up too?

  4. I love this vest. Very cute. Peace Fleece was my first wool yarn and it still makes up much of my wool stash. I used the Sheplova mushroom color for a wool diaper cover and it is really cute.

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