An Artful Saturday

I’ve stolen away a few minutes to finish up and scan my work in Lesley’s Pock-et-ful book before I run off to a mad dash of errands, Nutcracker ballet rehearsals, and little girl sleepover parties.  I’m still having trouble with my new scanner, so these aren’t great, but I hope you enjoy the art.

The concept for this round robin is to contain art in pockets.  I made a little pocket out of muslin, using an old telegram and some favorite images.  I stitched everything together, and then onto the page, which I had painted and stamped on.


I made three tags for the pocket.  Evil scanner will not scan them separately, so here they are together, with the ribbon cut off (very evil scanner), but you get the idea.


I journaled on the back of them, in a quick, sort of impromptu manner, trying to express what each tag represented about where my art-inspiration comes from, which is the theme for Lesley’s book.


Notice the grammatical error in the first tag, which I’m trying to force myself to leave because this was supposed to be spontaneous, but it’s hard for me to leave stuff like that alone.  One thing I’ve almost never done in my art is to incorporate my writings, and I have a sort of resolution to try and do that more and make my art more personal in that sense.

Finally, here is the back of the page.


This has been a fantastic round robin so far.  I’m looking forward to the next book!

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5 thoughts on “An Artful Saturday

  1. What a beautiful addition to Lesie’s book. This is gorgeous Joyce. I think your handwriting really adds a special charm to your piece. Once again you have created a masterpiece. I am so glad to be a part of this RR.

  2. Very beautiful pocket of art. I love the tags, but completely understand your agony over the grammatical error. Good choice to leave it.

  3. Joyce..your little pocket is so cute and I love all the tags. I can really relate to your hesitancy over fixing the grammatical error. It would drive me crazy but you did the right thing! Better this way. The writing is so cool I thought it was a stamp until I read what you wrote.
    Love them!
    Judy K

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