Knit Night

Last night was knit night at my local yarn shop, In The Making.  It’s the first time I’ve made it there — in fact, the first time since last spring that I’ve made it out to knit with the girls.
It was wonderful!  Suzanne, the Sock Queen, was there, knitting socks in the most beautiful shade of blue Jitterbug from Colinette.  Shirra, a/k/a Purl McKnitty, was there with her Mom.  You have to go check out the little Pirate Hats she made for a swap! MJ a Ravelry friend who owns a very cool sounding yarn store in New York was in town for business and we got to meet there!  MJ was knitting Monkey socks in a really pretty blue to purple colorway of Jitterbug that I forgot to ask the name of.  She has motivated me to pull out my Purple Rain Yarn and cast on for Monkey. 

MJ brought me this fabulous Schaffer Yarn.  It managed to slip its label so she didn’t know the colorway and had to just give it away.  Lucky me!  It is even more beautiful in person!


Instead of working on Rock and Weave, like I had planned, I started Ellie’s superwash socks.  I dont knit with my own yarn enough! (so much yarn, so little time)  It was a real pleasure to watch the colors take shape.


I’m hoping to  make a lot of progress on these socks at Nutcracker rehearsals tomorrow.

My project for tonight is to give sheep a bath.

My friend Joyce Darby brought me over this sack of fleece a few weeks ago.


  I put it aside, not quite sure what to do with it.  But, Stephanie had a great tutorial on how she washes roving on her blog, so I adapted it to some things I had on hand.  I put it in a big plastic tub and have been putting it through rinses to get the muck out.  Tonight, I’m soaking it in some mild soap.  Look at how pretty its little curly pieces are.


I think this is a sheep Joyce is thinking of acquiring for her farm, so I’m hoping to find some time to play with the fleece this weekend and see how it spins up.

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