Third time was the charm.  I remembered the button holes.  I remembered the extra rows.  And, armed with experience, I did a picot edge castoff.  Here is the cuff for the first of my Rock and Weave socks, and just a wee start on the second one.


The yarn, in case you haven’t seem me rave about it, is Colinette’s Jitterbug sock yarn in Popsicle.  I adore this yarn.  I want it in EVERY colorway.  It’s genius.  Mine came from one of my favorite local yarn stores, In the Making.  Donna, the owner, is really nice and has started mail ordering yarn, if you want some and have any trouble finding it.  With cooler weather hopefully coming soon, I’m hoping to make these socks a priority so I can wear them when I’m in Connecticut in early October to visit my #2 son, who starts school up there today!

I’ve also been on a dyeing spree.  Starting on September 10 (next Monday), I’ll be having a week long stocking of fairytale-inspired yarns at my HC shop.  Different yarns every day, including cashmere, silk and several luxury sock yarns, in addition to some great Blue Faced Leicester and Merino yarns.  I have several colorways that will be available this Thursday, as well, including some of the Eire cashmere I showed you earlier this week, the new Mordechai colorway,


Painter’s Pallet,


and more yarn in the Retro Kitchen, Orchard, and Girl Power colorways, to keep all the nice peeps who asked for more of them happy.  Please come and shop with me on noon Thursday when all the new yarn stocks.

4 thoughts on “Success!

  1. Jazzy socks and cool yarn colors. And, your taking the Connecticul school thing very well. You will like being there in October.

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