The First Night At Serenbe

We’re at Serenbe — it’s incredibly wonderful.  The setting is beautiful and it is always so nice to be with good friends!

Before I tell you about it, I want to share a couple of pictures Elizabeth emailed this afternoon from our Yarn Harlot adventure.

This is the three of us, Karen, me, and Elizabeth, standing in front of some of the beautiful roving upstairs at Knitch before the speech.


Here we are, waiting in the auditorium.  And that is me, holding up what appears to be a gargantuan sock, although in reality, it is sized for (I hope and pray) a nine year old girl.


I have never seen so many people knitting socks in one place before!

Shifting gears, we arrived at Serenbe, somewhere south of Atlanta and in the middle of nowhere, late in the afternoon.  It’s a wide open stretch of farm land with cows and lots of other animals roaming around.


It is really beautiful.  There are flowers everywhere.


There are beautiful roses all across the grounds, and the scent of roses, mingling with mint, which grows in abundance.


We have a series of rooms in the Lake House.  The rooms are cozy and nice, but best of all, we have a large interior room and lots of screened porches to laze around in.  Tonight, we did a quick project together, and then put together our memento books — the books I did the pages I pictured earlier this week for.  The art in these books is incredible.  I’ll try and post photos of as many of the pages as possible later this week.  Here is a photo of me, Robin, and Karen after we got settled in.


We walked over to the main house, where the restaurant and our classroom are located.  On the way, we discovered that there are lots of creatures, big and small, populating the grounds.  I’ll leave you with two favorite pictures. 

First, this beautiful butterfly, who was difficult to photograph — he led me on a merry chase into the sticky bushes.


And second, for Ellie, who wants a goat — an entire herd of them came running out to great us as we passed their enclosure.


It has been a long and lovely day.  I’m going to sleep now, so I can get up bright and early for our first class tomorrow.

5 thoughts on “The First Night At Serenbe

  1. Ah…I’m just green Joyce. Hi Elizabeth!!
    Ya know, goats can be used as pack goats…for camping.
    Ever since I learned this, I’ve been trying to convince myself that I like camping. lol. All for the goat in a cute backpack, of course.
    Ellie should have a goat.

  2. I came to see Ellie’s jacket, but, of course, got sidetracked by everything else beautiful here!
    Your trips sound fabulous, and you look like you had a wonderful time listening to the yarn harlot (and I am super jealous of all the knitting friends you have!)

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