Yarn. Yarn for Sale.

I’ve been a bad blogger this week, but it has been quite a week.  I’ve been working away from home, which always gets me a little out of kilter.  I did manage to hear the Yarn Harlot speak Wednesday night in Atlanta.  I even got one of my books signed.  I was at the tail-end of the autograph line (you can imagine how exhausted she was after speaking and signing books for 700 people), and although Stephanie was clearly showing signs of being a famous author on a multi-city trip, she was still nice and funny.

Pictures should be forthcoming shortly, since Elizabeth was smart enough to bring along her camera.  The speech was great.  The amazing thing was running into SO many people from Birmingham, including a whole crewe from my local yarn shop and a really great woman who lives around the corner (lunch date.  she’s going to help me with spinning, too).  It was a fun night in the middle of a hectic work week!

This weekend I’ll be off at the Serenbe art retreat.  We’re leaving late afternoon.  While I’m gone, please visit my shop and buy some yarn.  It will give me no end of happiness to boss around the Judge, who is going to be shipping your yarn while I’m gone,  so he can see just how much detail and attention is required to make a pretty package, do labels, and get the right yarn in the mail.  (Hmmmm….on second thought, you may want to wait until I get home on Monday.)

Seriously, there are some nice skeins of silk and cashmere and some very pretty blue faced leicester over-dyes in the Elliebelly at Hyena Cart shoppe this week, with more on the main site.  So please do drop by.



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  1. We missed you at Knit Night last night. Have fun this weekend. I’m trying to exercise some serious restraint to not order the hedgehog sock yarn, but I keep looking at it and trying to talk myself out of my restraint. 🙂

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