Always Remember What Is Your Own

I’m a great believer in subconscious messages, even in receiving messages from the universe.  So I believe this was meant for me:  a little scrap, left behind on my studio table, which suddenly caught me eye.  It’s my message for the new year, a message of promise and of hope and of happiness.  It read, "always remember what is your own…"

It has become this, my new year’s gift and wish for all of you.


Happy New Year!

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7 thoughts on “Always Remember What Is Your Own

  1. Lovely piece and cool message. I think we fall into awareness of messages from the cosmos. New Year hopes and blessings to you.

  2. It’s beautiful Joyce! And a great message! I have a little piece of paper clipped on something in my studio that I found like that and it says “finding God”. I should intentionally makes something with it as you did. And, this snippet paper finding reminded me of when I was opening my own small, one man hair salon ( just for me) due to my hearing impairment making me crazy in a regular salon. I kept trying to come up with a name and nothing was sounding right. Then, one day I found in my purse a little snippet of paper with the word ‘solitude’ written on it. Immediately I knew I found my salon name…. Shear Solitude. However, the really weird thing was, the paper was not in mine or my dh’s handwriting! I have no idea who wrote it, where it came from, how it got in my purse, nothing! I still have that little piece of paper! And it was the perfect name for my little salon. It was quiet, peaceful, and just me and my client with an occasional cat sleeping on the couch! My clients LOVED it and so did I! I think those snippets have important messages and we need to pay attention! I’m glad you did!

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