No Pictures Today

Sadly, I have no pictures for you today.  There are a couple of reasons.

First off, I’ve been working on my Rowan sweater.  The one I got about 75% done while visiting Teddy in Connecticut in October and then set aside.  I picked it back up this week — it was like something I had never seen before.  The aging she-brain is not a pretty thing in my house.  Somewhere between the moss stitch pattern and the armhole shaping on the front I managed to totally screw up make some interesting alterations to the pattern.  I am concerned that it is now suited to fit a very slender hunch back, not a rapidly sagging middled-aged mom of four.  It’s not a pretty sight and I’m not sharing pictures until I find an oddly shaped friend that I can gift this strange looking thang on.

Second, I’m working with lots of pictures, but not the kind taken with a camera.  I have a small one person exhibit at the Birmingham Public Library starting at the end of this week and, as a result of being sick over the holidays and getting nothing whatsoever done, I’m up framing tonight, getting everything ready to deliver in the morning.  If you’re in Birmingham and want to see the exhibit, it will be in the 4th Floor Gallery, beginning on January 4.

I promise more pictures of art and knitting later on this week.  It’s been a spectacularly productive art week for me, and I’m excited about two pieces I have, mostly finished, down in the studio.  There will definitely be pictures of them later this week.  Tomorrow, I have a bit of yarn and roving going on sale in my shoppe at Hyena Cart — everything will be available for purchase at 12 noon, Eastern time, but you can see the previews now.

4 thoughts on “No Pictures Today

  1. That’s great- I wish I were closer so I could come! Actually, I have the flu now, too, so you probably wouldn’t want me to come. LOL- I’m a mass of snot, coughing, and fever blisters. Tres sexy.
    And I hate coming back to projects I’ve put down. I always get lost.

  2. Kimble and I were just talking about how we need to visit the Birmingham Museum of Art. That is where we went on one of our very first dates! Perhaps we shall see your exhibit, and it would be icing on the cake to see you, too.

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