I Have Half A Sock

I have some very funny online friends.  The board we post on, one that attends to attract moms who do things like cloth diaper, breastfeed, attachment parenting, and natural childbirth, is one that permits you to have a title below your name.  And some very clever people, on occasion, run around changing your title.

For sometime now, I’ve been Miss Pretty Yarn (thanks, Shanna).  But, earlier this week, I got on and discovered I had a new title: I have half a sock.  After some exploration, I discovered that the title was the result of my picture of the halfway finished Shibui sock — I was so excited about how pretty the Orchid colorway is in this yarn, that I couldn’t wait to show it off.  So, not to get the namechangers off their game or anything, but I now have more-than-half-a-sock.


I’m still in love with the colorway.  And, I made it down through the heel and picked up the stitches to start the gusset, despite a very talkative neighbor on my flight home from St. Louis, which made the turning part a bit challenging.  I’m hoping to get a good bit more done while waiting to hear Barak Obama speak this afternoon.

It hasn’t been a very crafty week around here.  Lots going on at work, so most of my progress is more in my head than anywhere else.  I did have a chance to dye a bit of yarn, after the Ella colorway sold out and then oversold this week – those of you who are waiting, it should be there soon.  And there is more yarn this week, Valentine flavored here on Monday and some of the new Elliebelly spring colorways here on Thursday.

That gets me to this wonderful find — a beautiful piece of Alice in Wonderland fabric.  I am in LOVE.  I rarely sew, but am thinking about lining a bag for myself with this.  I have a bad feeling that my good-mama instincts will win out, and it will become some kind of a knit bodice/sewn skirt dress for Miss Ellie, who is in love with it too.


4 thoughts on “I Have Half A Sock

  1. The sock color IS lovely. The Alice In Wonderland fabric looks like great fun: couldn’t you make a vest for Ellie AND line a bag for you? Sorry I missed you in St Louis.

  2. Funny, I came here because I was looking at a search page where someone has visited my blog looking for an image of “Squirt.” In Russian, no less. And it turns out that you and I have much more in common than a cat named Squirt. Sadly, my little Squirtley passed away a month ago.
    I love your collages and multimedia. This is an area that I want to explore. I’ll be back.

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