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It’s taken me a while to get back to the Birmingham Public Library, where I have a small show in the fourth floor atrium gallery, so I could take some pictures to show y’all.  Since the show opened, I’ve spent a week in St. Louis, a few days in Atlanta, nursed a pre-schooler with strep throat, and gone to hear Barak Obama speak (Ellie and I got to shake his hand!)  But finally, today, I had a few free moments, and went back, camera in hand.


It was a little bit strange to go and see it and look around with other people there looking and talking on their lunch hours.  The review in the newspaper was kind: "whimsical collage pieces that speak to memory" and "bits and pieces…combine to create nostalgic moments that evoke a world of charming recall."  (Thank you James R. Nelson).

It was hard to get good photos in the funky lighting, but here are a few of my favorite pieces.



Some of the pieces are older, so it turned out to be almost retrospective.




And of course, there was this, which made me feel sort of queasy and happy all at the same time.


It was sort of funny to see someone else’s summary assessment of my art.  So right in many way — rejectamenta is my biggest love in collage art, but so strangely  absent — no mention of mom, or  wife, or any of the other things that seem so integral to what  I do .

I hope you all enjoy this little mini-visit to the show.  I wish you could have been there with me in person!


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14 thoughts on “My Art Show

  1. Joyce, How exciting to have an exhibit at the library. You’re right. It’s too bad we weren’t able to be there in person, but we were there in spirit. Rejectamenta is a great word. I’m going to adopt it. Judy

  2. Your show is really cool (no surprise there). And, like Judy, I love the word rejectamenta. The reviews are great and the summary is wonderful – how neat to be assessed as the artist you are. I’m really jealous about the shaking hands with Barak Obama thing.

  3. Your art looks great Joyce. Very impressive. How long will it be there? I hope I get a chance to get by and see it. You must be very proud.

  4. your show looks great! I so wish I could’ve seen it in person. I was in nyc last week (academic conference) and went to MOMA to see my favorites–I couldn’t help but think of rauschenberg’s “combines” (which I love) as the grandfathers or great uncles or cousins of your style of collage/assemblage. they look like the inside of someone’s imagination (yours, I guess), which is so amazing to see. congratulations! hi to kids!

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