Moving on from bad knitting….

I wanted to show you pictures of art tonight.  Today was my first day back at work in weeks (I’m one of those people blessed with a job they love, but it was still nice to be home with my kiddies for a big chunk of time).  I spent my lunch hour at the library, where they are kindly displaying my artwork this month in the fourth floor atrium gallery.  Since I remembered to grab my camera on the way out the door this morning, I took pictures of all the art — it was very fun to see it all hung so beautifully and museum-like.  I wanted to show you a large canvas I’ve been working on for a while and finished for the show and some of the other smaller pieces.

I got home, all excited to upload the pictures.  And guess what?  Rocket scientist here took the camera, but left the smart card at home in the computer.  No pictures.  This is apparently a continuation of the mentality that permitted so much bad knitting on the poor Rowan sweater.

Because I hate to leave you picture-less, I’ll share one with you.  This is my Ellie’s dollhouse, a shared residence for our Blythe dolls.


It is huge, almost as tall as Ellie, and the girl’s love it.  That is Jennifer, Elisabeth, and Samantha, dancing in the bedroom.  They are happy girls.  I haven’t quite mastered the art of Blythe photography yet, but they are endlessly fun, especially because you can change the color of their eyes by pulling the strings attached to the back of their heads.

I’m off to knit more on the arms of the cursed Rowan sweater.  I hope it goes smoothly.  Down with bad knitting!

9 thoughts on “Moving on from bad knitting….

  1. For a moment, I thought the Blythe dolls were part of the library exhibit. Now, take your smart card and go back and take photos.

  2. Joyce, Your determination to finish this sweater captures my admiration. I think I would have thrown my hands up! I HATE taking stuff apart to re-do it… I’d rather start over. You have a stubborn determination and for that, I applaud you! I can’t wait to see the sweater! I know it will be gorgeous when you are finished.

  3. Love the dollhouse! I knew there was a reason I never took up knitting, I would never be able to finish one thing, much less knit all of the things that you do!
    Please post photos of the exhibit when you have time 🙂

  4. I’m anxious to see pictures of your exhibit. I bet the Blythe girls do love their new home. Ellie is very lucky to have you for a mom.

  5. We have GOT to meet at Hampton- bring a Blythe for a photo op-wish I was taking your class, but I am full and poor now! 🙂 Maybe we should plan to bring each other a little swap/Blythe swap when we meet!

  6. omg Joyce we were just talking about these scary little dolls . Alyssa is having a fit for one… Personally they creep me out .
    how do you sleep at night? lol
    aka widget

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