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The reason art matters to me is because it tells a story.  And I’m a story teller at heart.  At a young age, I was captivated by stories about my family.  At work, the essence of my job is to tell stories.  So I don’t suppose it’s any surprise that I’m captivated by art as a way of telling a story.

I rarely write as part of a piece of art.  But I love the concept of found words — scraps of text that float around on my art table, torn for backgrounds or other purposes until suddenly, at just the right moment, the right words magically show up in front of me.  That seems to happen a lot, especially as I struggle to find my own voice in my artwork.  I want my art to be my story, my words.

ncreasingly, I find that this struggle for authenticity has become easy.  As much as I love Claudine Hellmuth’s
clean, pretty lines, or DJ Pettitt’s soulful women, I could never make the kind of art they make.  My art is a reflection of me — I work, almost subconsciously, in a sort of artist’s daze, and when a piece is done, it’s a bit like waking up, coming back to my conscious self.  My artwork invariably looks like, well, my artwork.  Even when I try to have simple, spartan lines, my artwork is a little bit messy, obscure, full of layers and obscure portions.  It’s my story.

It’s funny that I’ve spent much of the past year worrying, even obsessing, about finding my own voice and making my own art, because it’s been here all along.  I couldn’t escape from it even if I wanted to.

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11 thoughts on “Art Tells A Story

  1. Joyce, I enjoyed reading of your struggle and your “ah hah.” You found your voice, it was on the tips of your fingers the whole time! jood

  2. It’s a universal truth, a universal experience and when it comes together, a great joy. Of course you have your own style, you have always had an eloquently elegant style that catches moments of perception and truth.

  3. Joyce, I think we’ll have to start to call you Dorothy. She, too, had the answer all the time. Just click your heals three times…Judy

  4. I so agree that it’s difficult to find your own style when there’s so much art to see in magazines, books, blogs & websites. Some times you have to take a step back to clear your mind. My best pieces are the ones that just seem to evolve as I work on them – I just wish it happened more often! Btw, I love this piece! Hugs, Sue xxx

  5. Joyce- I really like this piece and your story of how your artwork has evolved. I can take a lesson from you,I think,on not obsessing! xo Lou

  6. Joyce, I’m so glad you’ve had this epiphany. I do believe your art is unique and definitely your own. This is a lovely piece.

  7. Oh love it!! haven’t been by for a while and you have been a busy girl!! love the knitting projects (good and bad!!! I have those too!!) glad I stopped in and got some much needed eye candy!! Hugs Linda

  8. Joyce, I love this layered piece that you created! I also loved what you blogged, about finding your style. I agree, sometimes I would love to do what others have done, but I always go back to the messy collage, and I too, work quickly and almost subconsciously, to tell a story. Thanks for sharing your art and your story 🙂

  9. Joyce…this is piece is beautiful and I have been oogling all those fabulous yarn colors. I have to say that I am having this problem of trying to do something different and no matter what it still has my same ‘ole look. Everything I create has a story and means something but I feel like there is something missing or a place/point(in my art) that i am striving for and not getting there. did that even make sense, lol? Thanks for an insightful post.

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