Socks & Squares

Because the Rowan sweater is at the point where I’ve got to pick up stitches and knit the collar, and because that is most decidedly not a portable project, I’m focusing on socks this week.


Isn’t the colorway fabulous?  This is Shibui sock yarn in Orchid.  I am in love.

I also took some time out to knit a square for my Uncle Dick, who learned to knit as a school child during the war in England.  I think it’s incredibly cool that he still knits.  He’s doing a blanket out of six inch squares, knit on the diagonal, so I made one for him.  Secretly, I long to do a blanket like this for us, but I can’t imagine sewing all the squares together.


Finally, I’ll leave you with one last picture.  C-A-S-H-M-E-R-E


I adore this stuff.  It takes up color so amazingly — this is the actual as is photo, not tarted up to saturate the color (this is a minor pet peeve of mine, I find that a lot of yarn sellers do this and then the yarn comes and although it’s pretty and I love it, the colors aren’t richly saturated like they were in the web photo).  Aran weight cashmere.  It’s wonderful.

I have plans to knit myself a hat from this.  If there is any interest (it’s aran weight cashmere, so it doesn’t come cheap) I may add a few skeins in when I stock yarn on Thursday.

2 thoughts on “Socks & Squares

  1. Cool socks, beautiful yarn. My father learned to knit (for the soldiers “over there”) in public school in New York City during WWI, but he never kept it up.

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