In need of yarn?

Find yourself in need of a little yarn this week?  *snicker*  i’m having this little yarn stocking party, Thursday at noon, eastern time and I just might be able to help you out a little bit. 

I went sort of gaga this week — I couldn’t stop dyeing.  It’s a sort of something for everyone kind of week.

For starters, not yarn, but I have playsilks.  If you don’t Waldorf or Montessori school your kids, you may not know what these are — big 35" squares of hand-dyed Habotai silk.  Wonderful for play.  But as this time of year, I always try to stock some for Easter basket liners. Nix on anymore of that nasty shredded plastic, um, grass.


I have several colorways in Blue Faced Leicester, including some from the Paintbrush series. And, for all the one-skein wonder devotees, I
have several one skein listings this week as well.


If you want to make baby blankets, mittens, scarves, or pants or a
skirt for a child, I’ve dyed some superwash worsted weight Merino. It’s incredibly soft!


For eco-friendly knitters, there is some organic Merino yarn this week.


And, for the sock knitters among you (c’mon, if you’re aren’t
already one, you know you want to be), two great colorways on Blue Faced Leicester luxury sock yarn.


These pictures are just a sample of all the fun I’ve had dyeing in the last couple of weeks.  You can come by and look at the previews anytime — the yarn will all be available for purchase at noon on Thursday, here.

3 thoughts on “In need of yarn?

  1. Joyce, I check your Hyena Cart early each week to see what you’ll be having in stock, and I absolutely love the idea of a green playsilk instead of plastic grass. I recently got a turquoise playsilk for my son from my local brick-and-mortar cloth diapering store and he loves it, so I am definitely going to go after one of your emerald silks for his basket. What a fabulous alternative to that stuff that just gets everywhere and then gets thrown out! Beautiful yarns, too, as always. Keep up the great work!

  2. Do you have Tuesday Morning’s locally? I found some really lovely yarns, fibers and spools of Midori ribbons at Tuesday Morning here in Peachtree City.
    Serenbe was the perfect anniversary retreat. We had some delicious wine from an Oregon winery with dinner Friday night, and explored the trails where we discovered a rock labyrinthe and a waterfall.

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