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Last fall, when Catherine Moore did a weekend retreat of classes for The Altered Workshop, we decided we wanted to do a colors round robin in the new year.  I haven’t had a chance to post the scans of my book yet, but it’s a dreary, sore-throat kind of morning here, so I’m going to take advantage of the down time to show my book to you.

I started with a small, slender volume: a travel guide to London, written in French, and long since discarded by its original owner.  The pages are so thin that I found I had to glue several together to get a good substrate to make art on.  My "colors" are robin’s egg blue and vintage paper.

This is the front cover.


And the interior of the front cover, which is very simple, here:


I did only one spread, called Introduction Generale.  I wanted to make sure there were plenty of pages for the other artists.


Finally, the sign in.  I wanted to do something really different, so I created a niche in the back of the book and left in empty, so that each of the artists could contribute something to it and then sign their names around the edge of the page.


That’s pretty much it.  The Fragments Book, in robin’s egg blue and vintage paper.  I’ll try to link you to everyone else’s blogs as the book makes its way from artist to artist, so that you can see everyone else’s work in it, too.

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