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It's rare that I have a post the encompasses both knitting and art, but this weekend has been special.  I have three round robin books in my possession — two from pock-et-ful and one from the color round robin.  I worked in the pock-et-ful books this weekend, Lou McCulloch's and Kathy Was's books, and have some scans to share.

Both Books are really wonderful — little gems with a vintage feel and some beautiful art.

Kathy's book was filled was wonderful pages made from watercolor paper.  The front page in her book is called Along The Road.  The pocket page, on the back, contains a Robert Frost Poem called "Never Again Would Bird's Song Be The Same," which seemed to fit this piece perfectly.

Kathy was - along the wayKathywasback
Kathy inset


Lou's book was a bit more difficult to scan — a tiny treasure of a ledger book, Lou asked us each to pick a letter and use it to illustrate a friend.  I chose "M" and my "baby" Oliver, who likes to talk so much about how he is mine and I am his Mommy, and I can't love anyone else as much as I love him, because he is mine.  So, this is my MINE page in Lou's book.
Lou front
Lou back

The pocket is a glassine envelope, collaged and stamped with the word "Mine."  Inside the pocket is a tiny collage, done on a piece of metal screen.

Lou inset

I had such a good time working in these two books!  They're on their way to Karen now, and then overseas to Sue and Kim in England.

In Knitting news, thanks to Smashing Puffin's suggestion on Ravelry, that she had heard Big Wool, the Rowan yarn I used for my Anise sweater, would "grow" if I washed it, I'm able to wear Anise — sort of.  As you may recall, Ansie was a victim of either bad gauge or middle aged spread, and really was a better fit on my nine year old than on me when it was finished.  I took Smashing Puffin's suggestion, and immersed Anise in a tub full of water, then blocked.  The result is a significant improvement.  I can wear Anise, and she is warm and comfortable!  But, I am still unable to finish her with buttons in the double breasted fashion that was intended, because it pulls the stitches too much and makes the whole sweater look unpleasant.  Still, I'm happy to be able to wear this sweater, at least for casual wear.  Ellie is still looking forward to inheriting it.

Finally, an apology.  For some unknown reason, Typepad is inserting these ridiculous gaps into my posts, even though I cannot see them in the draft form and there is no apparent way to correct them.  I have asked them for a fix, and hope to be posting again without gaps soon!

4 thoughts on “Knitting & Art

  1. I can’t wait until those books arrive here so I can see your gorgeous work in person. The sweater is beautiful – such a lovely color.

  2. Wonderful spreads in both books Joyce. I love you soft, enchanting touch you have to your art.

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