Color Inspiration

There is a lot of color in my world right now.  A lot!

Call me a color geek, but I find it to be incredibly inspiring.  It inspires the yarn I dye, the art I make, even the food I cook.  Just look.



It's really wonderful.  I love Alabama in springtime!  The sky is incredible, my garden is blooming after all the rain we've had lately, and I can wait to dig the perennials and get my mulch down to keep all that moisture in!

Lots of pretty yarn coming this week when I stock on Thursday at noon.  This is just a sample.


I'm excited, also, to be collaborating with my dear friend Meagan, who makes some of the most sought after cloth diapers around, at this week's stocking.  She's made diapers, and I've dyed some yarn to coordinate, and there are going to be some cute little cloth diapered babies floating around!


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