Would it make everyone happier?

Do you think the world would be a happier place if everyone could have socks like this?

Finished socks

Somehow, I envision handing over a pair each to the leaders of warring factions and creating world peace.  It's simply impossible to be sad or angry with squishy pink and green striped socks on your feet.

Here they are again.  Just because I love looking at them.

Pretty socks

These socks were a lot like a good book.  It was hard to see them come to an end.  I rationed out the last few rows — only let myself do a few each day over morning coffee and at night.  But finally, today, it was time to finish them.  And best of all, they are a perfect fit.  The joy of socks.

When I went outside, with my accomodating seventeen year old photographer, the sky was almost as photo-worthy as the socks.  Here it is — pre-thunderstorm Alabama sky.

Alabama sky

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