Bits & Pieces

Bits and pieces for today:

  • I made a charm for my friend Shanna, using an absolutely adorable picture of her son Seamus.  My soldering still pretty much sucks, but I'm getting better.


  • Sometimes I worry that I think too much.  On the back, I tried to take some little bits from some yarn colorways I know she likes and artfully arrange them in a little design with an "S" in it.  Maybe I need to stop trying to think so hard.


  • I've dyed two of my favorite colorways ever.




    I'm debating which one to knit with myself.  I keep looking at them and thinking I want to do myself a      soft fluffy hat in the blue/green (Lariat), but I love how the colors play together in the multicolored yarn (Honey Flower).  I think it would make a fabulous skirt.

  • I found out today I have a collage piece published in the summer 2008 Somerset Studio Gallery Magazine.  My piece is on p. 38 and it's called Mystifying Oracle.  It's done on top of an old Ouija Board and I'm surprised they took it as it's not a style that seems within their mainstream.  I really love this piece though and am so happy they published it.  It got a nice big half page display.
  • Having recommitted to running, I'm about to go to bed so I can get up at 5:15 and go run.  I'm not particularly excited about that.

4 thoughts on “Bits & Pieces

  1. The charm is gorgeous. I think your soldering is fine. the yarn is beautiful, too, as always.

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