My Find


Look at what I found!  We've needed a buffet forever and this one happens to be a perfect match for the antique table and china cabinet my inlaws gave us for our wedding.  It's perfect.

Look at all that storage space!  You could get silver in the top drawer, linens in the deeper drawer, and trays and pitchers and silver bowls behind the doors.  It's amazing.

But, I know you know me better than that.  Look closer.   Behind those doors?  Inside the drawers?


Ssssshhhh!  Don't tell the judge.  He think it's just some harmless piece of furniture to help with dining.  Little does he know how much yarn I can get in there!  Six kilo cones and a number of skeins in bags behind this door alone. 

Isn't it marvelous?  What a find!

I think it is the best yarn storage solution ever!

5 thoughts on “My Find

  1. OH, you found the mosts gorgous yard cabinet! 😉 Just be careful not to let the Judge “help” you get out silverware for serving… He would wonder why you owned so many skewers if you weren’t doing a cook out! LOL!

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