Dyeing, Knitting, and Skeining

This is a sort of round up post.  First off, I’m going to tell you about a big new change in my life and then I’ve got some pictures of knitting in progress for you!

Here’s the big change:  My electric skein winder.


I was a little bit nervous about this.  It was a big investment, but I’ve been doing so much winding that I have problems with one arm, and the time had come.  Stunningly, the Judge put it together with no difficulty and it winds skeins beautifully!  The only problem is that its footprint is bigger than I anticipated, so I’m going to have to find a different permanent home for it than the table that held my manual skein winders.

The results are marvelous.  I reskeined all of this in about half an hour.


In knitting, I seem to have gotten myself into simultaneously working on three projects.

Ellie’s Be Sweet Skirt has gone from the fascination of watching the changes in the yarn to mind numbingly boring rounds of stockinette on the fourth skein.  And, I still have some concern that I screwed up the math and am knitting a very long skirt for a much younger child.  I’m too lazy to take it off the needles and check; so I will have to await my fate when I finish up — this is the last skein. 


Ollie’s socks are almost done.  These are the bamboo socks he begged me to knit him, and he loves the first one!  I’m on the gusset decreases on the second sock now, and hope to finish them up this week.


Finally, my Mano shrug.  I ripped the first effort — the yarn’s beautiful colors didn’t display nicely doubled for the Anthropology shrug.  I found a basic Debbie Bliss shrug pattern, and am using it as the basis for this shrug, with some alternations to the shape and the sleeves.  Isn’t the yarn stunningly pretty?  I love Manos, and this is a very nice silk/merino blend that I’m glad I splurged on.



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