Ellie’s Be Sweet Skirt — Done!


It’s done!

Ellie’s Be sweet Skirt!

I’m sort of excited about that.  Part of it is no doubt the giddiness of midnight knitting.  But it’s done, I think it fits (as much as you can tell by stretching something around a sleeping child), and it’s pretty cute.

The yoke is knit from a bamboo/merino blend, and has just the right combination of soft and stretch.  I knit a casing for elastic at the top, but also included two eyelets on the front for the silk-satin ribbon bow.  I think I’m going to stitch it to be double-faced, perhaps with a very light interior layer for stiffening.  The skirt still needs blocking, as well.

I was pretty much into a zombie-like state on the fourth skein.  I had close to 300 stitches on by the end and casting off took two back-to-back episodes of scrugs, but the end result is making me very happy.  I can’t wait to see Ellie’s reaction when she wakes up in the morning!

One thought on “Ellie’s Be Sweet Skirt — Done!

  1. absolutely gorgeous skirt, Joyce! She’ll be thrilled –
    It would never fit me, but I would hang it on my wall it’s so beautiful 🙂 Joy

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