Ellie in her Skirt

Ellie woke up and put her skirt on.  She says she loves it and isn’t taking it off all summer.  She has commented at length about the pretty patterning and the soft fit at the waist.  This pretty much sums it up.


She is the perfect person to knit for — so appreciative.  She even looked sad when I told her she would have to take it off tonight so I could finish and block it.  But, for today, she’s off to ballet with it on, and looking very happy.



Miles of stockinette.  Vicious, boring stockinette in clingy mohair.  All worth it.  Yes, indeed.

6 thoughts on “Ellie in her Skirt

  1. It certainly doesn’t look boring! Very chic. Ellie is growing up, and she is so beautiful.

  2. this has to be one the most darling things you’ve knitted, and ellie looks so happy in it! she looks so cool and grown-up in the 2nd picture!

  3. Joyce, I am in awe of this adorable skirt for Ellie – and she looks precious in it!
    I am behind in reading blogs so I am catching up now – I love your charms! Each one is so unique and charming!
    Enjoyed the photos of Grandma and the kids and of your Big Kid knitting!

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