Monday Morning Notes

It’s Monday.  It’s early.  I really don’t like either one.

But, I started my morning with an email from my cousin Gail, telling me she had finished her knitted bear.  Y’all have GOT to jog on over to her blog, Darn I Need To Get More Yarn, and see it!

We originally saw these bears when Gail, her older sister, and I went to their LYS while I was in California.  The store is collecting them to send to children in Africa as part of the Mother Bear Project.  We decided we would all knit one.  Gail did this one as a test — a smaller version to use as a gift.  Now I’m seriously motivated to get started.  I’ve been hung up on finding a washable yarn (there isn’t a lot of washability in my stash), but I think this is a good excuse to spend my lunch hour buying more crack at the yarn store.

It’s still Monday, still way too early for me to take on human form, but I just loved the bear and wanted to share it!

Now I have to go face the fact that the Baby Bolero I started Saturday night is, in fact, at least big enough to fit a 10 year old child and must be completely frogged if it is going to fit it’s intended wearer, at least any time this decade.  I really hate Mondays!

2 thoughts on “Monday Morning Notes

  1. Into every life a little Monday must fall – and, besides, it’s Tuesday as I read your blog and write this.

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