Green, Green

When I was a kid I practiced piano endlessly.  I had no talent for it, but I loved it, mostly because I love music but I can’t sing (just ask my teenagers).  I always have music in my head when I work in my studio.  Often, I don’t put anything on so I can hear voices from upstairs clamouring for a drink or starting to fuss, so a lot of time, the music is in my head.

One of those piano songs I practiced endlessly was Love is Blue.  Ha!  I found it on YouTube.  Part of it goes “green, green, my jealous heart…” and so forth with sort of teenage love/longing/angst sappy lyrics.  For some odd reason that song popped into my head and stuck while I was working on Leslie’s Green Book in the colors round robin.

My apologies Leslie, because it’s a beautiful book for such a silly song.


I’m never very happy with how art photographs in my studio, but Leslie’s beautiful handbound book was too fragile to risk the scanner.

The texture in this piece made me especially happy, with the texture on the page enhanced with layers of paper and mica.


This is one of my too-precious-too-use images from an old photo album a friend sent me, but she was just right for this piece, although my five year old pronounced her “creepy.”


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