I’ve Been Cheating On You

Shameless.  I’ve been cheating.

I’ve knit up the entire body of a baby sweater without even mentioning that I was casting on, let alone showing you pictures in progress.

In my defense, let me say that this little bolero knits up very quickly — and it’s so simple you can even knit it with a migraine.  And, adorable!  Beyond words adorable.

Here are all of the pieces, done and sort of stupidly artfully placed together so you get an idea of the final design.

Assembled pieces

There is a little eyelet motif on the back  that I just love.


It knits up all in one piece, except for the sleeve, which are done separately.


All I have to do is sew the shoulder seams, set in the sleeves, and then knit the edging (picking up the stitches left live at the neck along the way).

My only concern is that the sleeves look a bit big, um, actually huge, in the circumference.  I compared them to an actual baby today and they were ginormous.  I’m hoping it’s some brilliance in the pattern that I’m missing.  If not, it won’t be horrible to rip them out and reknit them a bit smaller.


The pattern is Leigh Radford’s Baby Bolero from the One Skein book.  I’m having dreams of knitting a second one up (it seems like everyone I know is pregnant all of a sudden) in cashmere, or perhaps a silk cotton blend.  It’s a fun, and very satisfying pattern, because it takes shape so quickly!

One thought on “I’ve Been Cheating On You

  1. I knew you were cheating on us!!!!
    Yeah, that sleeve, ummmm…..huge. I’m thinking a visit to the frog pond is in order there. At least they are small and easily frogged and redone!

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