A guessing game

Can you guess what this is? I mean aside from the fact that it's obviously a basket of yarn.

Post your guess below and I'll send whoever comes closest a skein of yarn (or fibers if you're an artist not a knitter). A guessing game

134 thoughts on “A guessing game

  1. It starts with yarns you brought to your vacation and now it’s your wip basket you brought from your vacation. Or.. it’s the wip basket you’re going to take to your vacation.

  2. Hi Joyce,
    Well, it’s quite obvious that these are odd balls of yarn that you are donating to a women’s prison so that the inmates (is that a politically correct term?)can learn to knit. This way, when they re-enter society, they can spend time knitting and not revert to their former, ill-advised illegal pursuits.

  3. I posted in HC but I was thinking the family’s WIPs/queued projects or the family’s to be frogged projects.

  4. family yarn. Maybe your grandma’s yarn that has been passed on to you.
    or yarn that was once family clothing.

  5. It looks like a basket of leftovers wanting to become something.
    Is it yarns you can’t part with? I have a box with yarns I can’t part with because they are no longer available.

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