Go Away, Fay

Tropical Storm Fay is messing with my yarn dyeing mojo.  She has dumped 3 1/2 inches of rain (much needed I might add, but still…) on us in the last day.  This means that freshly dyed and rinsed yarn is drying about as quickly as it would if it was just sitting out there in a monsoon.

The slow down annoys me, because I can't do much once the drying racks on the covered porch are full.  But, it has given me the opportunity to catch up on reskeining this weekend, so I will have lots of pretty yarn to show you over the next few todays.

Today, it's the new Seasilk yarn colorways for fall.  This is a yarn spun from Seacell, a fiber made from seaweed, and silk.  It would not be an exaggeration to say that if it was a man, you would want to marry it.  It's really wonderful.


From left to right, the colorways are Clover, Tarantula, Reflection and Retro-Kitchen.  I'm going to wait until my new lighting set up for photography gets here to take proper pictures and make this yarn available at Elliebelly.  There are 15 to 20 skeins of each colorway, so hopefully this will last awhile and there won't be a mad rush for it, but if you just can't wait, it's fine to e-mail me for it and I'll be happy to send it out.

I had someone e-mail me about this yarn last week.  She linked me to a really beautiful Clapotis that LisaB (Oliphant Knits on Ravelry) made using this yarn.  LisaB/Oliphant, who is clearly a master knitter, made the Clapotis in just a week and it's beautiful!  You really should go check out her blog to see all of her beautiful knitting!

2 thoughts on “Go Away, Fay

  1. That yarn is gorgeous! I know Fay is a pain, but I’m glad she’s headed our way now. We so need the rain.

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