Some Sock Yarn

My yarn is going some place I've never gone: SAFF.  That's the Southeastern Animal Fiber Fair.  It takes place just outside of Asheville, North Carolina every fall.  I've always wanted to go, but the timing is bad with children in school and all.

This year, though, some of my yarn is going!  Some of my sock yarn is going with the very lovely Brittany from Knitwitch.



If you get up there (October 24 to 26), make sure you stop by the booth and say hi to my yarn.  I hope it won't be lonely without me!

Knitwitch makes some fabulous yarn bowls too — pretty little hand thrown pottery bowls that keep your yarn from tangling while you're knitting.

195 - 4.75hx4.5w

I bet it's going to be a lot of fun!  I wish I could go along with my yarn!

3 thoughts on “Some Sock Yarn

  1. Your beautiful sock yarn will have a wonderful time. And, I absolutely love the idea of a sock bowl.

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