Guppy Creek

Guppy Creek

The Judge and I took Ellie and Ollie for a walk along Guppy Creek last weekend.  It's part of a pretty little city park that winds along a tree shaded road.

Ollie loves to pick up pretty leaves, in between skipping rocks in the water and running as fast as he can along the path. 

The late summer colors in Alabama are muted by the strong scorching of the hot sun, but I think they are very appealing.  I brought home a small collection and scanned it, thinking the colors would be nice for collage.  The more I look at them, I think they may also end up as a yarn colorway, and then socks for the kids so they can remember a summer afternoon for a long time.

4 thoughts on “Guppy Creek

  1. This is so pretty! I wish it was in my colors book – fits that nature journal theme. Hey, Beach Boys were playing when I visited. Did I tell you I went to see them a couple of week ago? So much fun!

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