Dyeing and dyeing and….dyeing.

I agreed to do some custom dyeing for a few people earlier this month, and have been busy dyeing ever since.  I finally finished up this morning.  The last few skeins are in their last rinse bath and will be out hanging in a few hours.

It is always fun seeing the colors emerge, and especially fun when dyeing lots of different colorways on the same yarn.  All of this yarn is the British Bulky Blue Faced Leicester, which is very hard to get and a fabulous yarn.  It's not as bulky as a true bulky weight — I think of it as more of a heavy aran.  I love using it for baby sweaters and am toying with the idea of doing some for Ollie — his new favorite color is green and I think he needs a sweater.

This is the yarn from two orders that I packed up this morning.  It was fun laying it all out on the table.  I sort of wish I had put out all of the yarn and created a room of yarn and photo-ed it from high up on a chair or something.  But it's fun still, getting this much all at once.

Custom dyeing

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