Thank You, Sweetheart

We had a debacle this week.

I came home from Ellie's Ballet rehearsal Monday night, went downstairs to do laundry, and noticed that there were water and soap bubbles gushing out from underneath my studio door.


The Judge and I stood and surveyed in horror.  Sinks overflowing, soap everywhere.  It was a disaster.

I pulled my first all-nighter since my early years as a young lawyer in a big Washington D.C. law firm.  I'm here to tell you I am now officially too old for that kind of thing!

The carnage was major.  The water had seeped through all of the drawers on either side of the sink and their contents were a total loss.  The carpet in the storage closet was (and still is!) soaking wet.  Everything on the floor was a ruin.  (Thank goodness all of my yarn is stored in built in wooden cubbies, so it was off the floor.

The floor of the studio itself is tile, so it is intact, but again, the water did a lot of damage.

"Ollie" the Judge asked the five year old, "do you know anything about what's going on downstairs?"

"I'm not the one who couldn't turn off the water," was the answer of the guilty party.

So are you wondering why this is a "Thank You" post?  Herein lies the thank you.


Studio post ollie

and this


My studio had gotten so cluttered over time that I could barely walk around in it.  Now, it's all clean.  Some of it is even reorganized!  And, I've filled up several large boxes of supplies I wasn't using to share with some local schools and even Ebay a bit for some extra Christmas money.

So thank you Sweetheart, my darling Ollie who just wanted to know what would happened if he filled up the double sinks with soap and water.  If Ellie is my muse, Ollie is my make it happen guy.  He always tells me, "Mama, if you can think it, I can build it."  And in this case, he really did.  I've been wanting to get the studio under control and create some space for myself for several months.  Ollie made it a reality overnight.  Thank you, Sweetheart.

8 thoughts on “Thank You, Sweetheart

  1. Joyce, kudos to you for turning an opportunity to berate and be angry into a positive. It’s a lesson that I need to remember! And what a good thing the yarn is okay!

  2. priceless. you should seriously be saving these stories up for a book on how to be a fabulous mom! say hi to ollie for me!

  3. Oh my gosh! I think I would have had a heart attack. Thank goodness for your cool head and positive attitude. The studio looks great now.

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