Everyone Needs A Lovey


Everyone in our house has a favorite, cherished object that is their lovey (I'm including the Judge in this, because that man really cherishes his TV clicker in an unnatural way).  But this is a new one.  That would be Harry, my darling Maine Coon Cat, who discovered my stash of Selma Jubilee Sock Yarn, waiting to be wound into balls so I could take it along on spring break.

He doesn't usually get to break into my personal stash of yarn, but I left two skeins sitting on the dining room table in a bowl so I could wind them, and discovered sweet Harry, all curled up in a little kitty cat fetal position, snuggling with some Jubilee.

Sweet kitty!  I'll have to knit him his very own little toy if I have any of this yarn left over.

4 thoughts on “Everyone Needs A Lovey

  1. My son the other morning got into my yarn stash and walked around with Farmhouse for a while. All was fine and dandy until he got the glint in his eye to throw it in the shower, which I was in. That was a close call.

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