Susie’s In The Studio Book

I finished working on Susie La Fond's In the Studio Book tonight, in time to mail it, barely on time, tomorrow.  Susie is one of my favorite artists — I really enjoy her work and this book is no exception, particularly with the wonderful addition of art by Belinda, Terrie, and Lori.  It's very hard to let it go, it has a lot of rich detail in it.  I decided to carry out a little bit of Belinda's bubble motif and was very inspired by Terrie's spring flowers, so I carried their themes over a little bit into my piece.


I wanted to show them side to side, even thought they are small, because I like how they work together.

Here they are, larger.




The girl is one of my favorite black and white images.  I blew her up so that she was sort of smudgy and pixelated, and then used watercolor pencils to give her some accents, and a brush to paint them in.  The circles are crushed glass adhered with a water based glue.  The little fairy girl above the word love is one of my favorite collages I've done.  I've copied it and embellished in by hand, then enclosed it as a soldered charm and attached it to the page.

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