Ollie gets an (unintentional) hat

I picked up some Spud and Chloe super bulky merino-cotton yesterday, and interruped the linen clapotis to knit it into their boyfriend hat today.

The color work was a first for me and I didn’t know to let the strands of unworked yarn hang loosely. The hat is nonethess very very cool, but it’s now destined for the 6 year old, not the 18 year old.

Fortunately I have enough yarn left to reverse the colors and do a second hat, and this pattern is interesting enough to have a second go at itOllie gets an (unintentional) hat

4 thoughts on “Ollie gets an (unintentional) hat

  1. Just popping in to tell you I found your site by randomly Googling “painting” + “collage.” Your work is beautiful. All of it. The knitting. The paintings. Just thought I’d drop you a line and let you know your blog provided a bit of needed inspiration.

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