The Linen Clapotis Takes Shape

After talking a brief break from my Linen Clapotis to knit a hat earlier this week, I went back to it yesterday.


The yarn is my own, Elliebelly Flaxen, and I'm really delighted with the silk/linen blend, which makes for a much softer knit than linen alone.  If you look in the upper right hand corner, you'll see that I've just started the straight sections, where every 8th row starts with the dropped stitch that forms the basis for Clapotis's appeal.


My recollection from the first Clapotis I knit several years ago is that it's a pretty long slog through the straight sections, with miles of stockinette, thankfully broken up by the occasional dropped stitch row.  But this little piece already looks disarmingly pretty draped around my neck, so I'm highly motivated to knit it up!

I'm also eyeing this pretty little shrug pattern, which I had not noticed before today.  It's calling me.  It's Teva Durham's Loop-d-Loop Tundra yarn.  It's to die for.  I don't think I can resist.


I've been doing the first bit of dyeing I've done since I closed Elliebelly — some Alpaca in Eco Green, that Ollie wants for his winter sweater and some (heaven help me) fingerless pirate mitts.  I'll have pictures later this week, and am hoping to find time to do a tutorial on the two step process I use for dyeing colorways like Eco.

8 thoughts on “The Linen Clapotis Takes Shape

  1. Pretty, pretty! Can’t wait to see it. I started another Clapotis with Handmaiden yarn, but I am trying to make myself finish Betsy’s jumper first.

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