Erosion Bundles — Not Much “Progress”

My erosion bundles (see here for details) have been outside for just over two weeks now.  Snow didn't materialize here, but it has been cold and yesterday's rain deposited leaves and some dirt on my bundles.

I don't notice much if any change yet.  It occurs to me that I may end up with — ewwwww — a bunch of mold.  For those of you who are following, here are pictures of the three bundles: Art, Phoenix, and Canvas, as they looked this morning.




4 thoughts on “Erosion Bundles — Not Much “Progress”

  1. OH hang in there! We still have months to go….
    Even tho there is no significant erosion or change yet,
    I am betting you will get something cool out of this project.

  2. Yes, hang in there! Mine hasn’t changed much either, but it got good and wet in this last rainstorm. I hadn’t though about mold. I was dreaming of rust and good things. I wonder how we could treat them for mold if they do get moldy.

  3. What a delightful idea. If you need to help one along, you can send one up here for some abuse…it’s like -10 degrees (in the sun) right now. lol.
    Have fun! Can’t wait to see your results.

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