A Knitting Update

Life has made it difficult to knit lately — I've been going in fits and starts.  Two projects are the focus:

Green baby blanket First, Tree Knitter Designs Caterpillar Cuddle Blanket.  I am not a lace knitter, even on the large size 9 needles used here.  I find that knitting with small children around is not conducive to keeping up with a 12 row repeat over hundreds of stitches.  Nonetheless, I succumbed to this pattern's allure — it's small, just 25×25" when finished, and you get to line it with fabric.  This will give me the chance to dye some heavyweight silk yardage, probably charmeuse, for a lining.  I'm knitting with a chunky weight organic cotton that feels fantastically soft and is a pleasure to knit with.  Caterpillar Cuddle will take me forever, but it's an enjoyable knit and the pattern is exceptionally easy to read.

Sweetpeafront Second, I've picked up the Sweet Pea Sweater again.  The back is finished, and now I'm working on the fronts.  I misread the pattern and had a terrible pocket debacle (they're set in), which caused me to set it aside for a while.  I've picked it back up, and with the help of some very patient pattern readers in my LYS, I've frogged, knit back, and am ready to put in the pockets, hopefully correctly this time.

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