A Dyeing Recap

I neglected to show you pictures of the dyeing I did as holiday presents for friends and family.  Mea Culpa — we had a busy holiday.

But, I'll make up for that a bit today.  I have some pictures of both yarn and playsilks.

First the yarn.  I did the Pink Loves Brown colorway on a bulky British Merino for some of my girlfriends.


Sedona, on a wonderful lace weight blend of Silk, Alpaca, and Merino was my choice for several cousins.


I did Crayon on a bulky merino for some of my older friends who knit — they all seemed to love the bright colors.  I like this colorway so much that I did a bit for myself on a machine washable worsted weight Merino.


And finally, I did Tuar Ceatha on a bulky Merino for myself.


I'm thinking a nice, warm wrap would be perfect from this yarn!

Ellie and I did playsilks for some neighbors children and cousins.

  • Coppersilk
  • Firesilk
  • Skysilk2

They were a hit — I continue to think they are still one of the best toys out there for kids. 

I'm sorry I didn't get more pictures now. At the time, I was worried about dyeing and drying and wrapping in time, but somehow, it all got done despite my late start.

8 thoughts on “A Dyeing Recap

  1. Thank you…lovely as always! I never get tired of seeing your dyeing.
    Our playsilks are getting a lot of love here right now. Sophie, my littlest, thinks that they are hysterical, and her older sister Katy is all too happy to oblige her.

  2. Where do you get your white playsilks to dye? I got some to try doing it myself (since you don’t sell yours anymore – sob!) but they’re not as nice as the ones I bought from you a few years ago.

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