Pointe Shoes

First pointe shoes.  Can anything be more exciting?


Definitely different from the Ugg Boots that are the order of the day for eleven year old girls.


After trying on different brands and types of shoes for a couple of hours, she settled on a pair from Bloch.  The vamp was just right, the fit good, and she claims they are comfortable (I know what's ahead and so I know better).  They're beautiful and she is beautiful.  There is just something about that first pair of pointe shoes.


9 thoughts on “Pointe Shoes

  1. I remember my first pair so well. My dance instructor drove us to the big city or Raleigh, NC where I was fitted in a size 13A Capezio Pavlova. I was 12 years old. So exciting! Congratulations to Ellie!

  2. Awwww…I just stumbled here as I have recently had the fortune to knit some of your yarn thanks to some lovely cloth diapering/knitting mamas I have come to know online. I was a pre-professional dancer for all my high school years and remember how exciting it was to buy my first pair! My 6 year-old was just in the Georgia Ballet’s Nutcracker! It’s such a joy to see your little girl dance, isn’t it <3. Oh, and tell Ellie that hydrogel stuff that comes in sheets at the pharmacy is a godsend on blisters...won't feel them at all with that stuff on there!

  3. Thank you so much for the hydrogel tip! Im so old that we used lambs wool in our shoes-none of the good modern stuff. Im so happy for her that it exists.
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  4. Definitely PRETTIER than those uggly boots(HAHA).
    and yes! she definitely doesn’t know what’s ahead they
    may be comfortable..now! but….

  5. This was over two years ago and a few months since I posted..how is she coming alone with her
    dancing? =)

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