Emmaline Finds A Home and Far Away So Close Gets A Start

With regrets to all the many lovely commenters, Emmaline has found a home.  A home quite close to home in fact.  Two of our closet friends came by for a Mother's Day afternoon visit, and, ding – ding – ding: we have a winner!

Eva emmaline 

It looks like it was knit just to fit her!  Isn't it a wonderful pattern?  And I feel less like a pitiful excuse for an off-gauge knitter and more like a good friend.  Ahhhh.

With Emmaline done, I picked up Faraway, So Close — a pattern written by one of my favorite online knitters, Carina Spencer.  Although it looks a little bit blobby, I can see already how beautifully this rather unusual pattern lines up around the center line of increases.


This is a difficult pattern to put down — because there are six (or maybe more, I haven't gone through them all yet) stitch patterns, I keep wanting to continue to see the next one.  I love the delicate eyelet rows with their lacey yarn over holes.  The half linen stitch pattern is very pretty (it's the part just off of the needles in this picture).  And, the basic garter and stockinette patternings are nice too.

So far, this has been a fabulous knit.  Although I'm not much of a shawl person, this might just be the start of something.

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