Knitting Round-Up

Last week was one of those weeks where a bit of knitting fit in over morning coffee, some more late at night, a bit while waiting at the doctor.  By the end of the week, I felt like I had a good bit of progress to show.

(1) Another Square for the Barn Raising Quilt finished

Another square

(2) Great Progress on the Mirror, Mirror Scarf




(3) One-third through the Caterpillar Cuddle (I am not a lace knitter.  I should not pretend.  I am sure this is full of mistakes, but I am deeply attached to it and think both the pattern and the yarn are beautiful.  Fortunately, I think it is unlikely that the young lady it is intended for will notice my poor knitting skills)

Caterpillar at the end of one ball

(4) The very teensiest start of Sparrow's Nest.  I'm planning to knit the eggs and stuff them with dried lavender to make a very cool sachet for a walk in closet.

Sparrows nest start


Isn't that shade of blue amazing?  I couldn't resist a few extra skeins of it, but don't have a pattern in mind for it yet.  I like it so much, I wish I had the patience to knit slip covers for my living room chairs out of it.  In case you think that is just wishful thinking, I marked this fabulous pattern as a favorite on Ravelry several months ago.  I continue to hear its siren song.  Maybe in another lifetime!

Knit chair

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