The Big Lace Shawlette — A Very Quick Knit


I have been obsessively occupied with the idea of knitting "Big Lace" for quite some time now.  I date it pretty much to the time I discovered Malabrigo's Rasta, a bulky and extraorinarily soft Merino yarn.  It's a pleasure to knit with, and very pretty in a simple cabled scarf.  But I was longing to see it knit up as big, chunky lace.

Although I couldn't find a pattern that was exactly as I envisioned, there were a few brave big lace knitters on Ravelry.  Armed with their wisdom, I cast on and knit me some B.I.G. L.A.C.E.  And, it was big and quick, because about 24 rows into it, I was done. 


Although I want to play around with the shape a little bit, I love the idea, and I love how this gently variegated yarn looks knit up in this way.  This one needs a good blocking before you get a final show and tell, but I think I'm ready to call it a success.


6 thoughts on “The Big Lace Shawlette — A Very Quick Knit

  1. i’m probably going to play with this some more — i don’t like how the ends come to a point in the front, and i’m thinking i may want a more “leafy” lace pattern. if i get this to the point where i’m really happy with it, i’ll post the pattern!

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