Casting On: Ollie’s Crayon Ragman Sweater

The Elliebelly Knit Along starts today, and I'm on top of it.

This yarn


is going to become this sweater, Donna Higgins Ragman.


I'm off to a good start. 

A very bad swatch indicated I would get gauge on size 9 needles (I've knit with this yarn before so I knew that and was too lazy to do more than just quickly confirm it.)


57 stitches, casted on using the long tail method.


And, on to the set up row for the raglan increases, followed by the insertion of pretty yarn jewelry (stitch markers).



The only hitch in the process involved our large black cat, squirt, who became enamoured with the "new toy" Mom got him, and suddenly wandered off with the ball of yarn, trailing my needles behind him.


He was very disappointed when I took it back.  Poor kitty!


4 thoughts on “Casting On: Ollie’s Crayon Ragman Sweater

  1. The pouf is from CB2.  We actually have two of them, and they are so awesome to sit on!  My Mom made me get one for her living room after she saw ours.

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