Elliebelly Knit Along: Ready, Set, and Go!

Since we are just hours away from August 13, I thought I would compile and post "the rules" for the Elliebelly Knit Along.  Here they are:

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1.  Official Name. We will call this the “Elliebelly Knit-n-Telly”. It was Siobahn’s idea and she explained “Kinda like a play on show-n-tell for what you made with your yummy yarn.” What a fun name! Thank you Siobahn!

2.  What We Are Doing. Knit any pattern of your choice in any Elliebelly yarn (including handspun from Elliebelly fiber). Have lots of fun along the way.

3.  Post in the sign up thread. Once you decide what pattern you are going to knit, post here. Feel free to share pictures of your yarn or anything else.  Get your groove on and go sign up!  It's not too late.

4.  Cast on on August 13 and post in the cast on thread. Or, start later if you’re on vacation and knit extra hard to “catch up”. Whenever you start, introduce yourself in the cast on thread and share pictures of your cast on project.

5.  Post in the Progress Threads. There will be various threads to post about your progress – make sure you check in every day and update the group on your knitting.

6.  Are you a Blogger? Blog about your WIP and post a link in the blog thread, so we can all enjoy your blog.

7.  End date? Um, not in my world. Working moms (and aren’t we all, one way or the other) have plenty of deadlines as is. Let’s enjoy our knitting and encourage each other’s progress. I’ll come up with some fun and cheesy prizes for both quick and slow knitters.


2 thoughts on “Elliebelly Knit Along: Ready, Set, and Go!

  1. Having found out this morning (I’m behind on my blog reading), I have a lot of catching up to do. However, I did just toss my stash & discovered an embarrassing amount of Elliebelly yarn that I have been hoarding. I guess it’s time to fish or cut bait – am I a knitter or a yarn collector? 🙂

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