Getting Ready For The Elliebelly Knit Along: A Post In Which I Expand My Choices Instead Of Making A Decision

I have a number of favorite patterns and potential choices for the Elliebelly Knit Along, which starts Saturday so I'm getting to the point where I really, really, really need to make a decision here.  I hope you'll consider signing up and knitting along with me!  You can knit any pattern of your choice in any Elliebelly yarn, with lots of fun along the way.  Sign up here.

Instead of deciding from among the patterns I looked at a few days ago, I have a couple more possibilities to add to my list.


I adore Karin's Simple Ribbed Cowl pattern.  I can't help but think it would be wonderfully warming on a cold winter's day, and I do have just enough bulky Cashmere to knit this one, although I would have to do some quick dyeing as it is still in its natural state. (This is actually not much of a disincentive, because I love dyeing and I love dyeing Cashmere).


Then there is Pinkobbit's shrug.  She used the Shrug This pattern, which uses just 153 yards of an aran weight wool.  I could probably get gauge double stranding some of my Eco Alpaca.


I also think the black and white colorway Pinkobbit used is fantastic, and it occurs to me something like that, or yarn dyed in my Urban Myth colorway would be nice for this pattern.

We are coming up on decision time here, and I don't seem to be any closer.  I'm still eyeing the Sea Three (Seacell and Silk) as the yarn I would most like to dye with.  But I haven't hit the perfect pattern for it yet, and the patterns I have found are so tempting, that I suspect a number of them are going to hit my needles between now and the end of the year.

Hopefully a few of you are doing a better job than I am of deciding what to knit.  Remember to go ahead and sign up officially once you make your decision. 


One thought on “Getting Ready For The Elliebelly Knit Along: A Post In Which I Expand My Choices Instead Of Making A Decision

  1. Oh man…that cowl in cashmere would be heaven! I adore the color in the photo too. Mustard yellow is one of my favorites!

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